Policy relating to the use of cookies and other trackers

In order to facilitate your browsing on our website, Tereos or its partners use cookies and other devices on the Tereos Group's websites.

By accessing the Tereos Group’s websites, you are able to choose the cookies you want to accept or refuse. These cookies do not install without your consent.

1. Cookies

Cookies are small amounts of information stored on the computer equipment (within your internet browser) that you use while browsing the internet. These cookies are accessible and registered by the websites that you visit, and by the companies that process your personal data for their own specific purposes. A company X can only access the cookies that it has installed itself, and cannot access cookies installed by other companies.

2. Web beacons

We can use web beacons (also known as transparent GIFs, pixels or action tags) to provide better service, better target interactive advertising, and improve the website’s usability. These technologies are pieces of code in the form of a tiny graphic image on a webpage or in an email. Web beacons can recognize certain types of information on your computer, such as cookies, the time and date of viewing a page, and a description of the page on which the web beacon is placed. In general, any file offered as part of a webpage can act as a web beacon.

We use web beacons for various tracking purposes, for example:

3. Fingerprinting

It is a calculation of a unique identifier of the machine based on elements of the configuration of the user who visits the website. This system makes it possible to identify our visitors more accurately.

4. Flash cookies

Some of the website’s third-party partners may use Flash cookies, otherwise known as locally shared objects (LSOs). They are used to identify your interests through the items you view and, more generally, to track users’ behaviours in different ways. Locally shared objects store cookie-like data in a folder on the user’s computer, and they are installed through Adobe’s Flash Player video player.

The general purposes of the cookies and other tracers that we are likely to use are:

These cookies and the corresponding data are kept for a maximum of 13 months.

5. Other means are available for objecting to the use of cookies :

Browsers offer specific options for cookies and usually offer a “do not track” option so that you can refuse their use:

There are various specific tools to refuse the installation of cookies:

6. Changes to this policy

This Policy was published on May 25th, 2018. In case of changes to this Policy implemented by Tereos, such changes will be identified by Tereos on this webpage.